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Pinewood Derby Rules

Oconee District Pinewood Derby
Car Construction Specifications 2019:

  1. Axles, wheels, and body wood must be from the Official BSA
    Pinewood Derby Kit or the Official Pinewood Derby Wheels and
    Axles kit (colored wheels). Kits purchased at hobby shops or internet
    sites are not the same as the BSA kit and will not be allowed.
  2. The width of the car will not exceed 2 ¾”. The length of the car will
    not exceed 7” (The original length of the wood in the Pinewood
    Derby kit may exceed the 7″ limit for racing, and should be trimmed).
    Any details added must keep the car within the length, width and
    weight limits. Width and length will be checked using a template.
  3. Wheelbase measures 4 3/8” (the distance between the axles).
    Location of the axles cannot be altered. Axle location will be checked
    using a box template. Axles must remain visible for inspection.
  4. The front center of the car should not be pointed, and should be flat
    so that the car will rest securely on the starting pin. No portion of the
    front of the car can extend beyond the front center of the car.
  5. The clearance beneath the car should be a minimum of 3/8”. Less
    than this and the car may drag on the center strip of the track.
  6. The weight of the car will not exceed 5.0 ounces as measured with
    official scales, set with an official weight, as provided by the District.
  7. Wheel bearings, washers, bushings and springs are prohibited on the
    wheels or axles.
  8. The car must be freewheeling with no starting devices.
  9. Wheels and axles can be sanded for smoothness only. Wheels
    cannot be altered in any way (width or shape). If there is a problem
    with your wheels you should purchase a new set instead of trying to
    alter them.
  10. No loose materials of any kind are allowed in or on the car.
    Weights must be firmly attached.
  11. If weights or any other item falls off of the car, including
    wheels, the car must continue to race without that item.
© 2024 Pack 235 Clemson - Boy Scouts of America
© 2024 Pack 235 Clemson - Boy Scouts of America